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Should I bun off Irish?

I do 8 subjects all hl and I cba with this shit but for my summer I got higher in Irish than French what should I do. languages are by far my worst bar Japanese cuz I'm a weeb. I'm srsly considering just not going to the Irish exam next year it's just so hard and there's barely any resources online unlike every other language

a lot of universities require you to pass irish so if you are going to do a course make sure to double check that you won't need Irish. If I were you I would sit the exam anyway regardless of if you study or not becuase at least you can have it on a CV if i job requires it etc.
As the above poster said a pass in Irish is an entry requirement for a lot of courses so it would be a pretty bad idea to drop it completely. If you’re doing 8 HL subjects would you consider dropping to OL? If you’ve already done HL in fifth year you should be able to pass it without much work. The OL paper is relatively easy compared to HL (no essays, no litríocht bhreise). Also don’t forget that the oral is worth 40% and it’s easy to do well in it. You only have to study it for one more year, you can do this :)
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