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Is it possible?��
kasi1231 Leaving Cert Link Modules — 02/10/16 4

Hello I was just wondering is it possible to get a distinction in LCVP.

iNardo — 01/10/16
Yes, very easy. Make sure your pre-prepared work is perfect and ace the exam by practicing papers.
shaunacraig97 — 02/10/16
i got a distinction last year in lcvp, make sure you have your portfolio perfect, my teacher kept correcting and correcting mine until it was ready, go over past exam papers too, i didnt do business studies for the leaving cert but found i knew a good heap of stuff from jc business, if you do the interview part make sure you are well presented and practice the questions in advance, our teacher also gave us really good notes on the type of questions that come up so again look at past exam papers, make sure you can do everything and you should be okay! but remember your portfolio must be perfect!!!! Good luck
kasi1231 — 02/10/16
Thanks for the advice @shaunacraig97 that was really helpful, I also wanted to know when doing the exam papers do I have to be very descriptive or do I just give one line answers.
shaunacraig97 — 02/10/16
It honestly depends on the question, if it says 3 marks for example they would generally looking for one piece of information if it was 12 marks they could be looking for 4 pieces of information and 3 marks each, I'd advise you to check the marking scheme to see how much detail they give in the answer (whether they are specific or not) and then you'll know for next time and be familiar with the marking scheme and know which questions need more detail :)
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