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Higher level paper 1 - opinions
YeatsStudent101 Leaving Cert Mathematics — 11/06/16 6

I thought it was a nice paper, I'd like to hear what some of you thought

commanderx11 — 11/06/16
Rough paper I thought the lack of financial maths was a real kick in the teeth I feel.
alexob97 — 11/06/16
Loved every second of it!!!
Lc8/6/16 — 11/06/16
Shit paper
Jack_3944 — 11/06/16
Later questions were a bit to hard for jc standard I felt
Eoin_8797 — 11/06/16
YeatsStudent101 how'd that poetry question go
YeatsStudent101 — 11/06/16
I don't do English I'm afraid, I'm a repeat! Does anyone have any predictions for what theorem could come up on paper 2 higher level?
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