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Logs are so hard!!
naxmax9 Leaving Cert Mathematics — 4d ago 5

we are doing it in maths and im completely lost..

thatguyadityaa — 6d ago
Duuuuude, it's literally been one of the most easiest things for my class to do (andwe SUCK), is your teacher just bad at explaining them or you just cant wrap your head around them?
lilannila — 6d ago
i cant do them either and i have a test in them tomz fml
Chidera_86 — 6d ago
Isnt logs like this never done the chpt yet but i think i understand due to a youtube video on logathirim. Loga=b lets say a is the base lets rearange this to a exponent log3=6. Let make 6 X log3=x log3^2 =6. I think my method is trash
Chidera_86 — 6d ago
Sorry ment to say log3=9 x=9 log3^2=9
ingridd — 4d ago
They’re sort of confusing at first but like everything in Maths, you’ll get better with practise. If you’re completely lost, ask your teacher, that’s what they’re there for.
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