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Mock points

Hey guys so I just got most of my mock results and was just wondering for someone aiming at minimus 400 and at most 450 what would be good points to get in the mock for someone working there way up there

340 at least because there is so much to learn and revise for. But, I am not going to put a limit on anyone or anything because I was terrible at Accounting, always failed exams. But, I studied for a month before the Leaving cert, and got higher than a pass grade. Anything is possible if you try. If you want 450 points, you may just get 450 points if you study, study, study consistently. I hope this helps, good luck I hope you get the points you need! Adam. :)
200 u nonce
Depends on the exams tbh , mocks are sometimes weird with questions that wouldn't usually come up , as a reference point people who get H4's in the mocks usually get H2's in the real thing. Ultimately I would'nt get too focus on what points you in the mocks and just keep at it for the few months you have left.
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