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How much is the practical actually worth?

when i picked music in TY, i was told the practical element is 50%, with the sight clapping. Now my new music teacher is saying they take your percentge from the practical, listening and composing paper, adding them together and divide by 3. im so confused now, my practical is by far the strongest and this new method of marking is taking me down by 2 grades

If you choose the practical elective (which most schools do) your practical is worth 50%
They never actually divide anything. What they actually do is compare your total marks to the marks allocated to each grade. Since theres 400 marks total, a H1 would be 360 makrs. If you have over 360 marks, it's a H1, if not, it's a H2 or lower. if you did the clapping then your practical was out of 200 marks which is 50% of the exam. So if you think you got 200 marks there, then you'd need 160 more for a H1.
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