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Leaving cert music or geography?

Should I do geography or music for the LC? I got a B in geography in the JC, but I didn't do music. I chose geography but were allowed change. I don't play an instrument but I sing and will get lessons if I need to. Which subject is harder and would it be too hard to pick up music? :))))

Pick geograohy. Music is hard with composing . If you dont play an instrument . I sing myself and i did 4 solo sing and 4 group singing. I played panio but i still suffer with composing . The listening is very good. AND easier to learn. Geography would be way better as it as you only have to learn 30 markers and 80 markers
Toni Brennan
Geography you do a project beforehand so it helps before you even go into the exam. I know a lot of people who struggle with Music as a subject.
geography is an easy subject and a good bit over laps with JC just more detailed but there is soo much learning and the exam is awful. Music 50% is done with your practical and for the melody and harmony there are steps to getting decent marks.
i didnt do music for the JC either and i took it up for the LC. it was hard at first but its easy to pick up after a while. Its good in a way because its 50/50 between practical and written. Geog is hard if you dont like learning stuff off by heart but its not the worst either.
Music is a lot easier.
pick music. nicest subject ever and 50% practical
music, geography has one of the worst exams
do geography, its easy enough and mainly common sense. Music would be too hard if you haven't done it up to now I'd say, I do both and do better in geography even though I've been doing music since i was literally 4, geo is marked way easier
I do both and I really recommend music, it's such a relief to have 50% done in your practical. I don't play an instrument either I just sang with my friend who played the guitar and it was really chill. Geography is quite hard if you're not good at learning off chunks of information and although I liked it at JC, I grew to hate it at LC. Most students pass music due to the practical anyway, so it's a really nice thing to have under your belt.
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