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Hi, im in Junior Certificate ut i have never done music. I am wondering if I should do the subject seeing as i never done it in the Junior Cert.

if you play an instrument or sing there's no harm in picking it up for leaving cert
It depends. With music, half of your marks come from your practical hence it easy enough to PASS if you can sing or play an instrument. However, it is considered to be an extremely difficult subject to get a H1 in, even for people that have been doing music all their lives. The written paper is marked very subjectively, especially the melody composition. What one examiner might think is worth half the marks, another could think it is worth full marks! Also, sometimes in the listening paper, they look for a high level of specific detail for all the marks. All in all, you can definitely pass at higher level but it is challenging to get a H1 :sweat_smile:. Good luck with your choice!
i never did music in junior cert and i am doing it now and it is difficult but its really good so if you can play an instrument or sing it will be good to do.
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