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Conversions of units!!

I'm really struggling with this. There are so many different conversions that we are just expected to know (for example kHz to Hz). Help!!!!!

hello there, lets say we are talking in Newtons, the unit of force. 1kN = 1 x10^3. using the button that is second to the right on the bottom of your casio calculator is very useful. So what is 1MN? capital M stands for mega so that would be 1 x10^6 . All these powers are in page 45 of your tables book so u can access it any time during the exam.
I think the only things that you have to remember are the standard SI units. Like for distance, its metres, for time its seconds, for speed its m/s, for volume its m^3......it always comes back to the standard SI units which are on page 44 of the tables. That page is your reference point for every calculation you're faced with.
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