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lc points
truthabouthappiness Leaving Cert Physics — 11/02/19 6

any advice on how to get above 500 points

Chidera_86 — 09/01/19
Come into every exam prepared woth study beforehand and most of all dont be nervous dont have a negative mindset and also dont skip questions by accident.
truthabouthappiness — 12/01/19
Thanks for the advice.Really appreciate it
wizard — 14/01/19
bro u gotta practice some exam papers but practicing mock papers can boast ur undersatanding of the exam
Palmerstowncs18 — 18/01/19
to get 500+ points you will have to study 48hrs a week.
faelan — 09/02/19
study to pass the exams, not to learn the subject. you can worry about understanding physics/math or whatever once you starty it at college level
Cianhayes1 — 11/02/19
make sure your doing the subjects that suit you and that your good at instesd of the subjects your friends do. put in the time to study it will always pay off, make sure your getting all the useful tips you can.
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