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Anyone else gone braindead and can't study since the mocks
Canada The Junior Cert2

I just have such a lack of motivation to study and I just can't remember anything at all recently. I am always tired even though I get 8 hours sleep and I just can't concentrate. Is anyone else having this problem? Would like some help if anyone had this problem and has come out of it. Would also like to know if I am alone.

I'm here with you In my mocks i got an A in Maths Geography History Religion a B in Irish CSPE and French a Distinction in Business a higher merit in Science and a Merit in English Tbh I'm scared that I'll go down even though I've been working hard
I'm feeling the same but surrounding myself with people that are motivated and are studying and making notes helps me get motivated too. It's okay if you're feeling down during study and all, my advice is to just do your best and dont get too stressed out coz its not worth it and its not the end of the world. And about feeling tired i think u prob just feel like that coz of lack of motivation or stress and not actual tiredness.
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