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How hard is it to get into Medicine?

How well do you have to do in the LC and HPAT to get Med? The points are usually in the 730’s, what would be considered a good result in the HPAT? How do I make things easier on myself? HOW DO I MAXIMISE MY POINTS? What subjects should I choose? I’ve just seen the points for 2019 and had a panic attack. Please help’

You should study and keep on top of your study materials. Your mocks do NOT matter when it comes time because it'll most likely be near your HPAT. Remember the HPAT counts towards the LC. Normally a good 175 upwards is good enough for HPAT if you have a good LC. Choose subjects that you know you;ll genuinely be able to get A's in. Do not drop down a level just because ''ah sure it'll be grand.'' Don't be on your phone. Get exercise in. If you have to stay up an extra hour or two to study then okay but get some sleep in. You can't prepare for the HPAT within a month or two. Start right when September begins.
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