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Physics or Biology?
lukekeelan03 The Leaving Cert — 1h ago 5

I'm in 4th year and I don't know whether to pick Physics or Biology as my last LC subject. I'm already doing chemistry and Applied Maths. Some courses I'm considering need 2 sciences to get into so it needs to be either of those. I'm decent at Maths but Physics seems so boring (we try it in 4th year). Looking for a H2 minimum in the subject.

edevine20 — 6d ago
If you did Biology then you would have an oppourtunity to do medicine, so that can be considered.
kevdog — 6d ago
good crossover between physics and applied maths. Have a look on qualifax.ie to see what you might need for courses you’re interested in. Btw you don’t actually need biology for medicine as far as i know but obviously it would be helpful
Ciararm — 2d ago
Biology is much easier than physics however applied maths complements physics! Nonetheless, both subjects are enjoyable!
unasreenan — 3h ago
you could do economics? its a social science that studies the allocation of resources with alternative uses. In most level 8 colleges economics is a requirment
wasCF — 1h ago
Eh, Economics is a nice subject, but in my opinion, Physics is nicer. Both are equal in terms of how difficult they are to understand, both are short courses and both offer excellent choice on the exam paper. But Physics has barely any rote learning involved and while the concepts can get irky, nothing will ever pose longstanding problems. It's honestly the easiest subject in the LC, (closely followed by Music and Maths) because of that.
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