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Repeating the leaving - Help?
kelliegrant The Leaving Cert — 25/08/16 1

I just did the leaving cert and unfortunately didn't pass honours maths so I've decided to repeat but I'm unsure about what to do subject wise. My guidance teacher has told me that I don't have to repeat Irish or English since I've already passed them so this means I'd need to take up two new subjects (but this would still only leave me with 6 as I'm dropping accounting). I was thinking about taking up Economics and Physchem? I've heard economics is lovely and it's very doable to get it done in a year and still do well in it, but I'm not really sure about Physchem, and if I didn't do that, is there any other subject that I could pick up and do just in one year? I know I could repeat English and Irish if I wanted to, but I'd prefer not to do Irish again as it was the only ordinary subject I was doing so I wasn't going to count it anyway and I'm afraid taking on a new English course and new subjects would be too much work.

shaun.wallace.3994 — 25/08/16
You could take up religion but you would have to do a project
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