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is classical studies 'hard'

I know every leaving cert subject is hard but some are easier thanother. I am mostly thinking about: - is it a long course - are there lots of dates to memorize (is it a lot like history) - is getting marks hard - are there any project works, is the exam the full 100% I did jc classical studies and I did enjoy it but I found it hard to get information without an actual book to go by. I ended up spending nights researching. I don't mind essays (I found that for me classics essays were easier than english essays). I am wondering if any sort of art is involved and mostly about the dates and how much info we need to learn. woah that was long... sorry

Gabriella rose
- It is a long course. So be prepared for essays and research - Most of the things you will cover will be stories, dramas etc from BOOKS (although your own summaries and research will be needed) - Getting marks is not hard but you have to know EVERYTHING especially if you are going for a H1. So when studying battles etc you will need to learn of tactics and such. - It is not like history apart from Alexander the Great, even then it is not political. More like English than anything else. -There is no project work, the exam is your full marks and one paper And the amount of work is really up to you, you can spend nights researching or not, it really depends what grade you are aiming for. Hope it helps!
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