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Graphic Enchancments
Dylan_8230 Leaving Cert Technology — 13/01/18 6

When in the short questions it asks for graphics enhancements,what techniques are allowed for? Obviously shading is but I can't really think of anything else apart from coloring in the picture. Any advice appreciated.

c.ohaolain — 04/06/17
Also want to know this
Sive_3551 — 14/06/17
I don't even do tech but I believe it would be vision depth
DocChoc — 14/06/17
Understandable have a nice day.
annmarie_dullea — 20/06/17
Colouring and shading
Sam_9168 — 22/06/17
Shading and rendering. Rendering is shading on the object itself. Draw a light source to the side and then draw the shadow it would cast on itself as well as on the floor.
danny99b — 13/01/18
Shadowing and shading
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