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Is this an acceptable tech project?
Harryob Leaving Cert Technology — 24/01/18 9

I am going to do a vending machine as my project, would that be an acceptable project? I asked my teacher but it's his first year as a teacher and he didn't even do it for his leaving cert. Do ye think it would be acceptable and could ye ask your teacher and see what they say? Is anybody else doing a vending machine?

Eoinmora — 13/11/17
Probably a bit too complicated, try a sweet dispener, same premise but much easier to build and design
Ellamcfarland — 26/11/17
Maybe try a basic vending machine with healthy food in it and have it programmed in some way to give information about the food maybe like a light that tells you like how healthy or a voice recording for calories if youre able
oisinhughes — 28/11/17
contact davidbonner71@gmail.com
Farmermullins69 — 09/12/17
i am so telling on u
MsODon — 19/12/17
oh jesus
Taylor_4474 — 20/12/17
donnacha wont be happy when he sees this
Farmermullins69 — 11/01/18
oh god no
danny99b — 13/01/18
A good few people are doing vending machines, which could actually be a problem as you'll lose marks for originality
MsODon — 24/01/18
donnie stroking a monkey lol
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