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Structured study

We help your child learn in a more organised way by breaking down each subject into bite-sized topics.

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Gamified learning

Thousands of curriculum-aligned quiz questions to keep students engaged as they test themselves.

Videos and Notes

From video solutions to flashcards, we've curated and created content to suit a broad range of learning techniques, helping your child study in whatever way works best for them.

From 1st to 6th year

All the main Junior Cycle and Leaving Cert subjects covered. Agus cuid mhór dóibh ar fáil as Gaeilge freisin!

Students who use Studyclix get 127 more CAO points in their Leaving Certificate.*


of students say Studyclix helped them get higher grades*

467 points

the average number of CAO points reported by our users*


of Studyclix users got the course they wanted*

*Based on 1,091 students surveyed on 4/2/20 who had sat their Leaving Certificate exams in 2019. The average CAO points is 340 based on CAO data.

Expert Support

We've built an expert team of support, available to answer your questions about the site & study 7 days a week.

Study Advice

Learning how to learn is a vital part of succeeding at exams. We support students with study advice backed by cognitive science.

Engaging Content

Working with some of the best teachers, we have built videos, notes, flashcards and quizzes that will keep all learners engaged.


Paying €44.99 upgrades you to a Studyclix Plus account until the end of the school year, which gives you full access to all the state exams on Studyclix, including access to questions by topic, marking schemes, aural exam preparation tool, quizzes and more as well as being able to print all state exam questions (with marking schemes) on any one topic.

Studyclix Premium gives you everything you get with Studyclix Plus+ as well as access to mock exam papers and questions. A Premium upgrade costs €69.99 for access until the end of the school year. Premium accounts are currently only available to students. Teachers cannot access Premium content.

Yes, we think so! €44.99 is less than the price of most grinds. Using Studyclix is one of the best ways you can prepare yourself for your exams. Studying using past exam questions has been shown to be the most effective way to prepare. Studyclix saves you time by giving you everything you need to study a subject, one topic at a time. 97% of students who used Studyclix Plus+ and Premium stated that they felt it had helped them improve their grades.

Studyclix is set up such that a student must select their subjects. This does not allow users to include both Junior and Leaving Cert subjects on the same account. If there is more than one student in your family requiring Plus+ or Premium access then you can upgrade both accounts separately or contact us for any other questions.

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