How to use Studyclix Examiner Annotated Essays for Biology

Expert teacher and examiner Liam Hennelly has reviewed a number of sample essays to show you how to structure an answer and where to pick up marks.

What are examiner reviewed essays?

Our examiner-reviewed essays are a new resource for both students and teachers. We have spent the last few months working with experienced teacher and examiner Liam Hennelly who has annotated the essays and focused on a number of key areas. 

These include:

  • How to approach a question

  • Where the student picked up marks

  • Where the student lost marks 

  • The overall grade of the essay

We have examiner-reviewed essays for you to look at!

How do these examiner reviewed essays work?

These essays can be used in two ways:

  • 1

    As a sample essay to learn

  • 2

    For the examiner feedback

To switch off the examiner's comments, you simply have to click on the toggle like below:

Feedback boxes explained

Every essay includes a number of feedback boxes from the examiner which have different colours.

The blue feedback boxes are general points the examiner is making about the essay. For example, how to approach the question and the overall grade. 

The red feedback boxes explain where students lost marks in the essay. 

Finally, the green feedback boxes explain where the student has picked up marks in their essay. 

The examiner has also written notes within the essay that you can also view. 

Where can I find them?

You can find these essays on the 'videos and notes' page in a topic or at the bottom of an exam question.

What topics are they available in?

You can find these essays in a number of topics, such as:

How to use these essays to learn

Some of the ways we suggest using these essays are:

  • read through the essay with the toggle off and see if you can figure out where the student writing the essay picked up and lost marks;
  • turn on the toggle and see how many you have spotted;
  • go through the examiner's comments and pick up key vocab and grammar to use in your essays.

How to use these essays to teach

Some of the ways we suggest using these essays to teach are:

  • print out the essays without the annotations for your class and get them to review them to see if they can spot any mistakes;
  • turn on the examiner's comments and show where the student picked up/lost marks; 
  • use the essays to show students examples of good grammar and vocab for the day of their exam.

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