Everything you need to study Leaving Cert Computer Science

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Computer Science is a new Leaving Cert subject that will broaden your knowledge of technology and boost your skills as a computer programmer. Here is everything you need to know about the exam and how Studyclix can help make studying easier. 

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What's involved?

Assessment for Leaving Cert Computer Science can be broken down into two parts: the coursework project and the written exam (contains a programming component). Here's a breakdown:

Coursework project

This is worth 30% of your overall grade and is completed over a 10-week period between January and March of 6th year.

Written exam

This exam is split into two components mark-wise. The written part is worth 130 marks (43%) and the programming part is worth 80 marks (27%). Here's a breakdown of the exam:

  • Section A is made up of 12 short questions.
  • Section B is made up of 3 long questions.
  • Section C is the programming component of the exam

The programming component will consist of one question (which may be split into multiple parts) which may be rooted in any of the three main languages (Python, JavaScript or HTML). However, since 2021, Python is the only language to have been examined.

This is worth 30% of your overall grade and is completed over a 10-week period between January and March of 6th year.

How to study computer science

Practice past exam questions

One of the most effective ways to study computer science is to practice past exam paper questions. The more questions you can do, the fewer surprises you'll have on the day of your exam. 

This is why we have broken down all of the past exam paper questions into neat topics. This will save you loads of time searching for the right questions. You can find a list of question topics on the computer science page.

Top tip
If you are finding particular questions tricky, why not add them to your collections? This will make practicing them a lot easier.

Read our H1 guide

Not sure how to begin studying for the computer science exam? Aoife, who achieved a H1 in Leaving Cert Computer Science, is here to help. She has devised a guide full of tips and advice drawn from her own experience to help you succeed in this subject. 


Studyclix Quizzes can be the perfect solution if you are looking for an effective new way to study. Here are some reasons why you should check them out:

  • They have been created by subject experts.

  • They are inspired by past exam paper questions.

  • They are quick to go through.

  • They turn studying into a fun game.

Studyclix Community Page

If you have a question about computer science, you can find the answer on Studyclix. On our community page, there are loads of students and teachers who would be willing to help you out. You can ask for study advice, find useful notes and much more. Check out the community page here. 

Have some ideas for more resources?

Have ideas on more computer science resources you would like to see? Get in touch by emailing 😊


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