What is an SRP - Significant Relevant Point

Do you know how your essay-style Geography questions are marked? Here we go through what a Significant Relevant Point is and how many you need to get full marks.

What is an SRP?

According to State Examinations Commission, it is “a single piece of factual information, to which an examiner will assign a mark weighing as prescribed in the marking scheme.”

SRPs can come in the form of:

  • A statistic and additional relevant information.

  • A geographical term and explanation.

  • A statement and explanation.

  • A development of a previous point.

  • A named example.

  • A diagram or sketch. 

  • Additional information on a diagram.

How many SRPs do I need?

In Section 2 of your Geography exam, Core Material and Electives you have to write two 30-mark essay-style questions. This is where SRPs come in. 

Each SRP is worth two marks, therefore the maximum you need to provide is 15 SRPs to achieve the full 30 marks.

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