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Studying Japanese for the Leaving Cert opens up a fascinating world of Japanese culture through language. It's like embarking on an exciting journey that not only equips you with valuable language skills but also deepens your connection to one of the world's most captivating countries. 

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What's involved?

At higher level, you will be assessed through an oral and a written exam. Here is a breakdown of how you will be assessed: 

  • Oral exam (25%)

  • Listening comprehension (20%)

  • Reading comprehension (30%)

  • Written exam (25%)

How to study Japanese

Past exam paper questions

The best way to study Japanese is by reviewing past exam paper questions. Doing this will familiarise you with the style of questions you can be asked, meaning you'll have fewer surprises in your exam.

On our Japanese subject page, we have broken down past exam paper questions into topics, reducing the time you need to spend searching for questions. 

Aural Revision Tool

Studyclix makes revising listening comprehension questions much easier! You will find an audio player above every listening question. 

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