Junior Cycle Business Studies

Junior Cycle Business Studies is really a mix of a few different subjects: Business Theory, Accounting & Economics, so you're getting a good mix and wide range of study. 

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What's on the Junior Certificate Business Studies course?

Needs & Wants

Income and Expenditure

Financial Lifecycle

Personal Taxes 

Saving & Borrowing


Consumer Rights & Responsibilities

Consumer Agencies



Understanding Pay


Types of Enterprise

The Entrepreneur

Employment, Work and Volunteerism

Rights & Responsibilities of Employers & Employees

How Organisations Impact the Community

Digital Technology

Market Research

The Marketing Mix

Business Plan

Business Documents 

Cash Flow

Cash Accounts and Trial Balance

Final Accounts 

Economic Resources

Distribution of Economic Resources

Demand & Supply

Government Revenue and Expenditure


Economic Growth & Sustainable Development

International Trade

European Union

Economic Indicators

Current Economic Issues

Government Economic Policy




What's the Business Studies exam like?

With the new Business course introduced in 2019, there's only one paper for all students at common level. You'll get 2 hours to do the exam and it's worth 270 marks.


The exam has two sections: A & B. Section A is worth 90 marks and has 15 questions, all worth the same amount or marks and you need to answer all of them. Section B is worth 180 marks and has just 3 questions worth 60 marks each. Again you must answer all questions.

Any tips for doing well in Junior Cycle Business Studies?

  •  Answer on your favorite topic first. This will relax you in the exam.
  • Read through the paper first and make sure you understand each question and the words in them.
  •  Make sure you know the meanings of any new terms you come across and use examples where possible to explain what you mean. 
  • Don't forget your calculator, and make sure you can use it!
  • When you are explaining something try to add an example 
  • Practicing past exam questions is really important, especially in the book-keeping questions.

Download the Junior Cycle Business Studies Syllabus

Download the Junior Cycle Business Studies Chief Examiner's Report (2019)