Junior Cycle French

Junior Cert French is one of the most popular languages chosen at JC level and challenges students aural and written comprehension skills as well as writing competencies.

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What's on the Junior Certificate French course?

  • Listening Comprehension (Aural)
  • Reading comprehension
  • Written expression (Letters, postcards etc.)

What's the Junior Certificate French exam like?

Both the higher and ordinary level papers are two and a half hour long with the first 30 minutes being the listening test (aural). Part Two is reading comprehensions where you will be given a series of notices, signs and articles that you must answer questions on. Finally Part Three is the written expression part of the paper where you write a letter or a postcard.

Any tips for doing well in Junior Certificate French ?

Like all languages it is really important that you work on building your vocabulary as this will help you in the reading comprehension, listening and written part of the paper. Don't forget to prepare for your aural exam by practicing the listening comprehension questions as you listen to the streamed audio clips on Studyclix. Writing out a list of the most common verbs with their English meaning will also come in very handy for all sections of the paper. 

When you are doing the reading comprehension make sure to underline keywords in the text. remember that normally the answers to the questions will appear in sequence i.e. the answer to question 1 will be found in area before question 2. Never leave a blank answer. 


Download the Junior certificate French Syllabus

Download the Junior cert French Chief Examiner's Report (2008)