Your School's Studyclix School Licence

Your school has taken out a Studyclix School Licence for the school population, giving all students PLUS+ access to Now teachers & students can enhance learning both in and outside of the classroom, with Studyclix providing effective teaching tools for teachers & empowering students to learn independently & study efficiently.

What is a Studyclix School Licence?

A Studyclix School Licence is a package arranged by the school to get discounted PLUS+ access to Studyclix for the students at the school. The licence lasts until the end of the state exams. With 97% of users agreeing that using Studyclix improves your grades, the earlier you upgrade to PLUS+, the better!

What do students get with a PLUS+ access?

Questions by Topic

See all the Junior and Leaving Cert past exam questions and marking schemes split into topics.

Exam Builder

Test yourself by making your own exams and check your answers against the marking scheme.

Videos & Notes

Get H1 notes and sample answers or view tutorial videos to help you learn a topic better.


Find helpful advice from other students or post a question and get it answered by our community of students and teachers.


Quickly find all the Junior and Leaving Cert past exam papers and marking schemes.


Subject guides written by subject experts as well as all the latest tips and news.

How does my child upgrade to PLUS+?

Step 1

Go to and select “Join” in the top right-hand corner (skip to step 4 if they already have an account).

Step 2

Enter your email address (avoid using Facebook if this is blocked in the school).

Step 3

An email will be sent to this email address with an activation link to complete registration.

Step 4

Once registered go to pricing page (top of screen), click “I have a code” and enter the school access code assigned to your school (the school will have made parents/students aware of this code)

What if I have questions about the licence?

If you have any questions about your school’s Studyclix access or any issues with it, either get in touch directly with the school, or email your school licence rep (