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Leaving Cert 2022 Adjustments: What's different about this year's exams

By Nessa Dinneen - 1 minute read

The Junior Cycle and Leaving Cert 2022 exams will be very different from most other years. The Department of Education has devised a number of adjustments which will be implemented on this years' exam papers. The changes are designed to give students more choice & an equal chance to do well in the exam despite having missed a certain amount of class time.

You can find out all you need to know by downloading the booklet released by the Department of Education below, or visit this site. 

The booklet outlines the adjustments made in each subject, so be sure to read through it to find your specific subjects, and if you have any questions we recommend reaching out to your teacher for clarification.

For a brief overview of the changes, check out this episode of The Studyclix Podcast:

We hope this helps!

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